Monday, April 26, 2010

Update To Livewell Timer Circuit

A slight update to the livewell timer circuit. I changed the value and way I switched the On Time resistors. The other way it was 32 and 64 seconds, this way it will be 30 and 60 seconds. I couldn't split 150K because they don't make a 75K resistor and it didn't dawn on me until this morning to just put another 150K in parallel to get my 75K ohms. I also moved the motor on indicator LED so it lights when on Manual Fill as well as when the timer turns on. It's nice to have so you don't accidently leave it running when it's too noisy to hear it running. I add the same 680 ohm resistor and red LED to every switch on the panel as an indicator. I get both in bulk and from grab bags and it costs me about a nickel per switch to add them.


Hutch said...

What type of switch is s1?

J.R. said...

Just a SPST toggle. I don't have it notated but I had to add another 47uF cap in parallel with the 470uF and 100uF to get the 60/30 second time long enough. Electrolytic caps as kinda sloppy so you may need to add or (very seldom) subtract a little but it's not real critical if it's exact to the second. It works great I used it a lot this summer to keep bait alive for a week or more at a time between trips.