Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Blog - The Lost Grove Lake Mapping Project

I've started a new blog documenting the now over half full Lost Grove Lake in Scott County, Iowa. I'll be posting photos of the filling process that I took earlier this year and any new ones in the future. You can find the new blog here Posts on general mapping and boat electronics will still go on this blog but near record flooding since April of this year has kept me off the river and it'll be at least another 2 weeks before the river drops, stabilizes and cleans up. Due to Climate Change I can no longer depend on the Mississippi River to be a dependable source of fishing and boating anymore because the floods due to Extreme Rainfall are getting larger, more frequent and last 2-3 times longer and the last two years over half the fishing season has been completely wasted so this new lake couldn't come at a better time.