Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Teaser Shot ... And My Next Project

I haven't done much on the project in the last week, I bought a used boat and motor on the 5th and brought it home Monday. But here is a shot of the LCD screen assembly with all the wiring run and ready to install and test. I just need to hardwire the touchscreen controller as soon as I finish this post.

And now my next project, gotta have something new to put this Netbook to Chartplotter project in. It's a 1974 MonArk (Now SeaArk) 1644 flatbottom with a 1998 Evinrude motor and control console with very little use as the owner had a cabin cruiser and only used this boat a couple of time a year for fishing. Other nice features are a custom fit cover, a fairly new bimini top, AM/FM CD player and a Marine Band radio. Going to be a lot of work done (I already have it completely stripped down) and my main goal is decks and floors but the only wood in the boat being a new transom. Anyway here are the 'before' pictures

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